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About Launch Club Venue

Before Launch Club opened for business as a state of the art TrackMan golf simulator studio, it was the site of a birthday party for 10 year old twin boys. During a tour of Launch Club, a friend asked if she could throw a birthday party for her twins. We turned one of the 400-square-foot bays into a “video game” room with an Xbox connected to the 4k high definition 20×10-foot projector, a PlayStation 5 connected to the 65-inch TV and a Nintendo Switch connected to the 42-inch TV. We kept the other 400-square-foot bay set up for golf, but the TrackMan golf simulator was switched on video game mode, turning real golf shots into animated entertainment. Decorations were hung, pizza and cake were served, the kids had fun, and the party was a success. The mother of the birthday boys posted a review of the event on a Maple Grove Facebook parents group, calls started coming in to book parties and Launch Club Venue was born!

Private Event Rental Options

At Launch Club, the process is simple. You are renting two 400-square-foot adjoining rooms that are each equipped with ultra high definition 20×10-foot projections screens, a 65-inch smart TV, 42-inch smart TV, premium sound and a world class golf simulator. What the party looks like is up to the client, but the Launch Club Venue staff will do its best to make the client’s vision come to fruition.

⛳ Golf Simulator Fun 

Why not make use of this world class golf technology already set up at Launch Club? For your serious golfers the TrackMan needs no introduction as it is used by top professionals worldwide. For party goers who take their golf seriously, you could create your own tournament, closest to the pin or long drive competition. For the more casual partiers that just want a “hit and giggle” experience, the TrackMan can turn real golf shots into a video game. 

🎉 Themed Birthdays 

Launch Club Venue has thrown Barbie, NFL (Vikings), and outer space themed parties to name a few. If you can dream it and provide the aesthetics, the LCV team will help you make it happen. Step into our spacious 400-square-foot private rooms, designed to accommodate up to 20 kids comfortably. Whether it’s a magical themed party or a dynamic gathering, our versatile spaces provide the canvas for your imagination to come to life.

🎤 Karaoke 

I am generally not a fan, but the one time I did have fun participating in Karaoke, it was in a private room amongst friends. Launch Club can easily be converted into a private karaoke studio and party goers can belt out all the Taylor Swift they want.

🎮 Gaming and Immersive Entertainment

Dive into a world of excitement with our 20′ full-wall projector screens, creating an immersive cinematic experience for your guests. From animated classics to the latest releases, the possibilities are endless. There are a total of 6 monitors, including two 20×10-foot ultra high definition screens that can be hooked to any gaming system that is connected via an HDMI cable. Launch Club can be turned into a gamer’s paradise! 

Video Game Extravaganza

Connect with the gaming world! Our venue is equipped with video game console connections, ensuring that gamers can enjoy their favorite games with friends. From friendly competitions to cooperative adventures, the gaming possibilities are boundless.

👾 Virtual Reality Playtime 

Immerse in a world of wonder with our VR gameplay options. From exploring enchanted realms to interactive adventures, our VR experiences add an extra layer of excitement to the party.

🎁 Personalized Celebrations

At Launch Club, we believe in creating tailor-made experiences. Work with our event specialists to customize the party to your preferences, ensuring a celebration that reflects your unique personality and interests.

While the kids are immersed in play, parents can relax and enjoy the celebration. Our dedicated staff is here to ensure everything runs smoothly, leaving you free to savor the special moments with your child.

Event Space Pricing

$250 to rent the space for 3 hours (up to 10 attendees):

  • 30 minutes for setup
  • 2 hours of partying
  • 30 minutes of clean up
Additional costs:
  • $25 for each additional guest
  • $100 for each additional hour
  • $100 for Launch Club Venue to take care pizza and beverages
Catering available upon request

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